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Topics: Byzantine Empire, Roman Empire, Islam Pages: 3 (934 words) Published: November 27, 2011
What were the political, religious, and cultural changes and continuities from the now extinct classical empires to the post-classical empires? Periodization: There were diplomatic dealings with Harun al-Rashid. There was political turmoil and other concerns so they laid the foundation of European Christendom- a region that never experienced political unity but adopted Christianity as the dominant source if cultural authority. The Byzantine Empire remained a political and economic powerhouse of the postclassical world. It was also an urbanized center of manufacturing and a highly productive society that both supported and benefited from trade throughout the eastern hemisphere. Both the Byzantine Empire and the European states to the west inherited Christianity from the Roman Empire. However religious and political tensions increasingly complicated relations between the two halves of the former Roman Empire. Byzantine and western Christians expanded the religious and moral authority of Christianity throughout Europe. Merchants, missionaries, migrants, and military conquerors spread religions and languages to new places. The capitals were big political centers. How did the empires of Dar al Islam change the dynamics of the political and economic systems of the eastern hemisphere? Chapter 13: It offered guidance on matters as diverse as marriage and family life, inheritance, slavery, business and commercial relationships, and political authority. The Umayyad’s policies reflected the interests of the Arab military aristocracy. The Abbasid dynasty was far more cosmopolitan than the Umayyad’s. The Dar al Islam continued to grow in the Abbasid era but the caliphs had little to do with it. What state policies, mercantile practices, and innovations in transportation contributed to the intensification of cross-cultural exchanges? Periodization: forms of social organization and techniques of statecraft from the early complex societies. In the classical societies, they found...
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