Chapter 9 study guide

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WHAP There It Is! Chapter 9-10 Study Guide

1. Schisms, the foremost threat to the Christian church in the Middle Ages, were Formal divisions over differences in doctrine

2. In the seventh century, the Byzantine Empire lost Egypt, Syria, and Tunisia to Arab invaders

3. Which of the following events occurred last?
Formal schism between Latin and Orthodox Churches

4. The schism of 1054 between the Eastern and Western churches was caused primarily by disagreements over Territorial jurisdiction of the pope, some of the practices of the Latin Church

5. The sixth-century “plague of Justinian” was
A plague (Ursidia Pestes) and economic destruction

6. In the seventh century, the Byzantines experienced an economic transformation similar to, though less pronounced than, that of western Europe. This was caused by all of the following except the rapid growth of the merchant class.

7. After the seventh century, Byzantine women
Were increasingly confined to home life.

8. What was the most significant architectural contribution of the Byzantine Empire? Hagia Sophia

9. The Byzantine Corpus Juris Civilis was important in the late eleventh century because it became the basis for civil law in the West

10. Among the Byzantines' cultural achievements is (are)
their architectural tradition and Cyrillic writing

11. In general, which of the following did not occur in western Europe after the decline of Roman authority? The city of Rome lost its prominence as the seat of the Roman church.

12. The key element in the rise of the Carolingian family to power was

13. In what area of France did Charles “The Hammer” Martel stop the expansion of the Muslims from Spain? Tours

14. What was the predominant language of the church in the West? Greek

15. In western Europe, the primary centers for agricultural production were Self-sufficient farming estates called manors were the primary centers of agricultural production.

16. Agricultural workers who belonged to the manor and were obligated to the lord were serfs

17. Why is the traditional description of Europe from 600 to 1200 as “feudal” an oversimplification? Customs varied from region to region; so varied, had no structural system

18. Which area did not endure Viking raids?

19. As time went on, armored knighthood
limited to those w/ revenue from land

20. A fief was
land granted in return for sworn oath to provide specified military service

21. Technology to improve military skills in the Middle Ages included all of the following except an early form of dynamite.

22. After the tenth century the Roman Catholic Church faced all of the following challenges except getting the office of pope more acknowledged internationally.

23. The term investiture controversy refers to the
Struggle for control of ecclestical appointments

24. One of the most significant sources of conflict for western Europe between 1000 and 1400 was A struggle for power between the church and state.

25. The movement for reformed monasticism under the austere Rule of Benedict included all of the following changes except independence of the monastery from local secular politics.
prayer at specified intervals.
hard labor.
rule from the monastery at Cluny.

26. One of the most important effects of monasticism was

27. One early Russian chronicle reports that Vladimir I chose Orthodox Christianity over Islam because

28. In Kievan Russia, power derived from

29. During the revival of Western Europe (1000-1200), the population nearly doubled, in part, because of

30. Which of the following is not responsible for the success of many cities in Italy and Flanders? They controlled extensive agricultural lands.
They passed laws making serfs free once they came to the city. They were independent rather than controlled by feudal lords. They specialized in trade and manufacturing....
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