French Connection Marketing

Topics: Clothing, Neckline, Victorian era Pages: 4 (1508 words) Published: February 24, 2013
The Autumn/ Winter season of 2012 has approached swiftly. French Connection has been featuring sleek, modest, formal clothing for its customers since the brand began. This winter has brought a sense of glamour to fashion using dark materials and embellished collars. In the macro environment, weather plays a major role in what customers buy as within the micro-environment, fashion trends are relevant within certain cultures. French Connection UK markets towards 18-34 year old men and women who earn more than 10,000 pounds a year. As their clothing is made ethically, their prices reflect the ethics as well. The Group supplies French Connection. Their factories acquire resources from all over the world, funding many different places but all within the guideline of human rights. The group uses third party manufacturing facilities, but avoid suppliers which use means below their standards. French Connection is competing with brands such as Zara and Top Shop for this market as they focus on a similar age group and lifestyle as well. Fashion styles in London are very broad due to the fact that it is a cultural epicenter of Europe. The average London resident is from a middle class income family, but most still indulge in areas such as fashion because of its impact of the cities culture. With fashions constant recirculation increasing, many styles are becoming in and out of trends quickly as time moves forward. Since 80% of the worlds pesticides are used in cotton, it shouldn’t be a priority in the construction of clothing. Many of French Connection’s fabrics are synthetic, yet they avoid making natural impacts. More companies are moving towards green energy which positively effects the customer gap in the market place. As the Oxford High Street has the foot traffic of 700,000 people on an average Saturday, the thought of selling a limited edition item would not be ideal in that market area, but rather on the internet or somewhere with much less of a customer range....
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