His 121-Exam 3 Study Guide

Topics: Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Pope Pages: 3 (435 words) Published: November 25, 2011
History 111 Study Guide Exam 4 Pg’s 523-528, 307-324, 345-357

http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/dark-ages-the-sacking-of-rome/ Key Questions: (You should know the answers to!)
1.What caused the fall of Rome in the West? You will need to know at least 4 reasons (From the video the Dark Ages and the powerpoint) 2.What happened in the West after Rome fell? Why was it so devastating? (From powerpoint) 3.What caused the Roman Catholic Church in the west and the Eastern Orthodox Church to churches to split apart? 4.How are the religions of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity different? How are they similar? 5.What were the Crusades? Who were the Crusaders? Why was Jerusalem so important to Christianity, Judaism, and Islam? What happened during each of the Crusades (1st-4th)? Overall, were the Crusades successful? What were the long term effects of the Crusades (good and bad?) Key Terms: You need to know who or what they are. If it is a person what did they do? If it is an event you need to know what happened. All of these terms are taken from the book and the powerpoints. Constantine (how and why did he convert to Christianity?)

Battle of Milvian Bridge
Edict of Milan (what did this edict do?)

Fall of Rome
3rd. Century Crisis
Commodus (why was he a BAD ruler?)
Alaric I
Sack of Rome

Eastern Roman Empire
Plague of Justinian

The Franks
Merovingian Dynasty
The Ordeal

Holy Roman Empire
Bloody Verdict of Verdun

Viking Invasions
Who were the Vikings? Where did they come from and why did they attack and where? Ivar the Boneless
Bloody Eagle
Alfred the Great (how did he stop the Vikings?)

Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
Judah and Israel (map on p. 310)
Dead Sea Scrolls
10 Commandments (Where did they come from? How is this a legal code?) Yahweh (What does this term mean?)
Lost Ten Tribes
Western Wall/Wailing Wall...
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