Topics: Byzantine Empire, Feudalism, Middle Ages Pages: 2 (385 words) Published: July 7, 2014
Bushido- way of the warrior," code of behavior of Japanese samurai; emphasized bravery, loyalty and honor Daimyo-powerful warlords who held large estates and commanded private armies of samurai Fealty-the loyalty owed by a vassal to his feudal lord

feudal system-political and social system based on the granting of land in exchange for loyalty, military assistance, and other services fief-grant of land from a lord to a vassal
haiku-Japanese poem of 17 syllables written in three lines
kabuki-type of Japanese theater; has singing and dancing; performances can last all day manorial system-economic system in the Middle Ages that was built around large estates called manors samurai-professional Japanese warrior hired by wealthy landowners for protection serfs-peasants who were legally bound to their lord's land

shogun-chief of Japan's warrior class who held the real power while the emperor ruled in name only Tokugawa leyBushido-Japanese warrior and dictator, made shogun by the emperor and took complete control of the government. Vassals-in medieval Europe, a person granted land from a lord in exchange for services

Every manor included a cathedral in which the lord's family worshipped. False The code of behavior for samurai was called Bushido
This barbarian commander defeated the last emperor in the Western Roman Empire. Odoacer He issued a ruling forbidding the use of holy images or icons. Leo III The daimyo controlled Japan for 500 years. False

The Ottoman Turks renamed Constantinople Istanbul
The Law of the Twelve Tables was Rome's first written law code a fief was a grant of land given by a lord to a vassal.
This is a form of Japanese poetry that deals with themes of nature, harmony and haiku Attila the Hun was stopped from invading Rome by Pope Leo I
Besides fighting, many samurai also wrote poetry
Rome began on which body of water? Tiber river
Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine Empire
Hadrian was one of the Julio-Claudian Emperors....
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