Lit Review on McQueen

Topics: Femme fatale, Gender, Clothing Pages: 4 (1092 words) Published: October 15, 2013
McQueens Themes:

If there was ever a designer whose soul intention was to encompass the victim and the survivor in his creations, it would be McQueen. As his collection grew so did his need to empower woman, transforming the weak and incapable through his garments; he created a warrior, uncovered beauty when it wasn't visible to the untrained eye and romanticised what most would view as tragic. In doing so he managed to capture the attention of the fashion world as a whole, despite being misunderstood by many, he continued to create and stun viewers until his very last show. This review includes texts written by Evans (2004) Quinn (2002) and Harriman (2011)

The main focus of this review will be on McQueens astounding ability to create in ways other designers could not. How he manipulated the fabric he worked with through cut, texture and construction leaving the viewer with an uncomfortable aesthetic, in conjunction this analysis will also outline four main themes analysed by Evans (2004). The themes being: Victimisation, Femme Fatale, terror and disenchantment. Addressing the four main themes the McQueen woman, instead of transforming into a new person, simply grows out of the Victim and into the aggressor, remaining beautiful and gaining respect throughout.

McQueen who firmly stated that he used fashion as a way to depict the unveiling times, Harriman (2011), did so through his designs. By deconstructing garments he managed to capture the essence of who he was and who he wanted the woman who wore he clothes to be. The garments themselves became a sort of armour for his wearer, empowering her through the usage of non-traditional materials, sharp objects as jewellery and below the belt tailoring that seemed unjust to the academic fashion writers of the times. In doing so not only was the emotive message clear, but he provided the viewers with a tangible one which over time allowed the viewer to understand his twisted psyche.

Using fashion as a way...
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