marketin plan of turkish airline

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Turkish airlines introduce in Pakistan in 2009. It is co-affiliated with PIA. They started there official flights from 26may, 2011. The main rivals of Turkish airlines are Emirates, Qatar and Etihad Airlines. They have just entered the market but have the largest number of customer among their rivals.

To be one of the best airline in the world.
Get the maximum number of customers, cover all the destinations in the world and provide customers maximum facilities than any other.

Environmental factors affecting Turkish Airlines
Micro environmental Factors
The main competitors of Turkish Airlines are:
Qatar Airways
Emirates Airlines
Etihad Airways

Macro environmental Factors
Political factors:
The rules of government of Pakistan do affect the Airlines. The company policies are affected and its budget is also affected .Turkish Airlines paid 15% sales tax, and also there are many other deduction of taxes on the price of tickets. Economical factors:

Ticket prices are risen because of the increase in fuel cost Air travel in turkey will be the biggest growth market.
THY sells tickets via the internet so that sales costs can b minimized The number of travelling tourist from Europe to turkey cut down due to the terrorism International economic situation or global crisis

Social factors:
In international area competitors use service culture enough to make their customers comfortable about the airlines They have always been transaction-oriented, not customers
Swine flu, climate condition and crash in Amsterdam

Technological factors:
Satellite programming, wireless internet access, satellite monitors at every seat and seat back personal video screens in modish aircrafts Reservation on phone and on the internet.
The IT system of Turkish Airlines is the Tryon which is for reservation system. Turkish Airlines makes all...
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