Martin Luther vs. John Calvin

Topics: Middle Ages, Bishop, Western Europe Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: September 14, 2014
Chapter 1


Augustine - important figure in the history of Christianity, wrote of predestination and original sin. Heretic - Someone who's beliefs are contrary to the orthodox religious doctrine. Roman Catholic Church

Charlemagne - Emperor that became known as Charles the Great, built an empire across France, Germany, and Italy. Feudalism - Powerful lords divide the land among lesser lords. Vassal - Someone being trusted to take care of a mass of land. Fief - Land granted to a vassal in exchange for services, usually military. Manor - Village farms owned by the lords.

Serfs - Peasants tied to the land they tilled Three-field system - Crop-rotation system where two sections of land have different crops and the other section is vacant. Parish - A small administrative district typically having its own church and a priest. Diocese - a district under the pastoral care of a bishop.

Inquisition - A court set up to accused those not following the rules of the church. Franciscans & Dominicans - missionaries that lived among the people in poverty. They were dedicated to stopping heresy. Cluny Reforms - A movement that wanted to clean up the church like bribes and bargaining with the king.

1. In what ways were the traditions of the former Roman Empire incorporated into Western Europe? The Roman Empire was very significant during this time and other regions of Europe started following in their traditions in the church and in their government. 2. In what ways did the Islamic Empire influence Western Europe? As Islam spread through Syria and Egypt, it reached Spain. The rest of Europe...
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