Moral Decay

Topics: Mass media, Morality, Person Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: October 9, 2013

(Reflection Paper)

As generations pass by, people become less conservative about what they do and how they perceive their surroundings. Mostly, it comes from the media and I’m not only talking about what they show in TV, that’s the first, but also to what people listen to like music. For example, some of today’s most popular music to teenagers are very explicit, so since it is popular and it’s lyrics are quite misleading, these children tend to do what they hear from these songs unconsciously until eventually it becomes a habit that is hard to break. Violence in media or the violence seen in TV contributes to moral decay because it lowers individual’s inhibitions to violence thus, it results to an individuals’ aggressive behavior. For example, for an individual or a youngster who loves action movies and really gets entertained ends up copying the things they saw since they think that it’s okay, it is seen in public so why can’t they do it? Not getting the fact that it is what they call “acting”. But most of all, religion is what most people lack to follow, even I myself is having a hard time to strictly follow my Christianity with today’s modern distractions. In my opinion, people follow their obligation to attend the holy mass every Sunday but what’s the point of all that if they will do the same mistake every single time and the irony is that there are people who don’t even attend the holy mass but still have better morals or attitude compared to those who do attend and listen to the gospel. Another problem that most people nowadays can’t get out of their system is their judgment, most people won’t even give time to really know a person it’s as if what they see is what they’ll get. Another common judgment is an individual’s appearance, for example, people saw a man walking with tattoos or piercings and the assumption is quite obvious that this man might be a bad person but why don’t they try to know the person? Because this man doesn’t look...
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