Philosophy of Education

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Philosophy of Education

I believe that as a teacher I must first believe in my students. When I enter the classroom, I will look into the faces of each of my students and see them reach their greatest potential while in my care. I will make it an obligation to not let one single student leave my room at the end of a year without having helped them realize their potential. I will dedicate each and every minute of instruction to the investment of the future of my students. While this sounds ideal, I realize it will not be easy.

I believe the greater purpose of education is to instill in my students the realization that life happens on a daily basis, and it is up to them as individuals to determine what the future will be. I must help them understand how each and every lesson has a greater purpose. It is the beginning of the rest of their lives, and only through hard work and determination will they be able to lay a strong foundation that will support them throughout their lives. I must help open their minds to more than just the basic concepts of a lesson so that they will realize what the greater picture is in life. I must take learning to a higher level and make it applicable to the everyday life of my students so that they find meaning in what happens in the classroom.

I believe students learn best when they can find meaning in what they are doing. I believe the classroom must be an extension of their world. They must see the meaning in a lesson beyond the four walls of the classroom. When possible, I must open up opportunities for my students to explore more than the simple concepts of a lesson. I must challenge them to question concepts and challenge facts so that they learn how to invent and create new concepts and meanings and become the inventors of the future. I must allow them to challenge me and force them to look beyond the things they can see and imagine what could be instead of accepting what is. I must allow them to question,...
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