problem statement of NPD process in apparel industries

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Problem Statement of NPD process in apparel Fashion Industry: Today’s ever changing and dynamic environment in the apparel sector of Bangladesh’s fashion industry poses various obstacles in developing new products for the market. The major dilemma of getting both qualitative and an adequate amount of information for running a smooth development process in designing clothes is an issue faced by all the major firms in this industry. Lack of information for designing clothes affects both the producers and consumers in the market as this gap may hamper the sale of the products. The designers need perfect knowledge of the market in order to satisfy the demand of their customers. Most times the different taste and preferences of each segment of the target market is not taken into consideration before creating a pallet containing a combination of different designs for every group. Lacking information in the designing process affects the creativity of the designers. Designers are not always aware of the fast changing trends in clothing and even when they are, it usually takes them a while to launch their new lines as they do not properly forecast the future trend. Often we find similar designs by different designers as there is not enough knowledge on the rival’s products and on the rival himself. Undoubtedly in fashion industries, variations in designs are a crucial factor in being successful. Time is a vital factor in the fashion world and being even a minute late to cope up with offering the latest trend to customers can be a huge drawback for the producers of attire. In Bangladesh most designers and producers of fashion attire do not take into account the technological change affecting their business. Big fashion houses are lagging behind in opening up online stores as they are not made aware of the large and rising number of customers looking to shop online using e-commerce websites. The producers of fashion clothing do not have access to market data that...

Bibliography: Bandinelli, R,Rinaldi, R, Rossi,M, Terzi, S, International Journal of Engineering Business Management Special Issue on Innovations in Fashion Industry, 2013, University of Florence, Department of Industrial Engineering, Florence,
Pujara ,S, 2010, Fashion Technology, India
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