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The later Roman Empire: After the classical Roman era, Rome has been separate into two empires, after the fall of western half, Eastern half of Roman Empire was known as Byzantine empire which its capital locates at Constantinople. The Eastern half of the empire survived until fifteenth century. Justinian and Theodora: Justinian was the greatest emperor in early Byzantine Empire who born in 527C.E at Macedonian as a peasant. His wife, Theodora, was a daughter of a bear keeper in a circus. The young couples were both intelligent therefore received great education. During Justinian’s reign, he, and advised by Theodora, Byzantine has made major reforms and conquered some major regions during Roman classics era. Belisarius and Byzantine Conquests: Belisarius was a great general during emperor Justinian’s reign. Ordered by Justinian, Belisarius conquered many regions that Rome used to have, including Italy peninsula, Sicily, Northern Africa and Southern Spain. However, Byzantine Empire cannot fund those regions that the conquered regions were vulnerable and fallen soon. The Peasantry: Peasantry is a special term in Byzantine Empire. The Peasantry is a part of theme system that poor peasants can own a part of land if they serve in military. As a result, the source of military was abundant that can protect the empire well. Economically, Peasantry boomed the source of food since more people are able to involve in farming. Therefore, the price of food did not go so high due to the competition, which solved inflation that Rome once experienced. Manufacturing Enterprises: Byzantium was the center of manufacturing since as a Greek city-state and during Roman classic age. Byzantium was famous for crafting. When it became the capital of Byzantine Empire, Constantinople became even more advanced. Also, when silk from China traded in Constantinople. Constantinople is the only city or region that mastered the technology. As a result, the silk...
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