Topics: Strategic management, Business process modeling, Business model Pages: 6 (766 words) Published: January 5, 2014
Name : Dana Afriza
Course : Business Modelling and Value Exploitation
Class : EMBA – March 2012
Lecture: Prof. Niclas Adler, Prof. John Meewella, Prof. Anita Juho Email :

Date : 02 Feb 2013

Thru Skype


Introduction Business Model

Lecture :

Prof Niclas Adler
Prof Anita Juho


Learn and listen The Business Model and Value Exploitation Definition

Learn and listen the objective from other student about Business Model

Group discussion for group discussion with Finland team


Due to ‘new’ concept here, I did not understand at the beginning.

Did not yet have ‘a clue’ for doing dual group project (Jakarta and Finland)

Date : 16 Feb 2013

Classroom, Interactive



About the lecture


Exploring the shortest distance

BM unique and canvas

Success enterprenership

BM strategy, History, Application

Customer, Value Proposition, Resources & Capabilities


Busines Model innovation

Success product (was and current): Nokia, Cisco, Wallmart, Google, Apple

Factor Analysis

Lecture :

Prof John Meewella


Sharing about the background of the lecture and other student

Wanna be a Leader or follower ?

Defined each element of Business Canvas

Break through the normal way

The resources and capabilities will create and deliver the value proposition


Understand to think out of the box or break through

Understand the differen between UVP (from customer point of view) and USP (from sellers point of view)

Understand that all 9 elements of BM have to be applied, even 1 can not be avoided

Date : 23 Feb 2013

Classroom, Interactive


About the lecture

About Finland country

City of Oulu

Valke product


Lecture :

Prof Anita Juho


Sharing about the background of the lecture and experience

Learn about the 2nd smartest country in the world

Learn about Finland culture, people

Learn about hitech product


Learn about how to create innovative product, create value and how to improve or transform the business

Date : 02 Mar 2013
Classrrom, Interative

Business Model Canvas

Lecture :
Prof Jon Meewella

Learn about high technology product, the challenges, problem and solution

Even high technology with good R& D, without cutomer the product is nothing (not success)

Date : 09 Mar 2013
Workshop, Presentation

Business Model Canvas
Value Exploitation
SWOT analysis for Business Model Canvas purpose

Lecture :
Prof Anita Juho

Find innovative ways of doing business
Business Model can drive non profit sector
Group discussion and presentation about Business Model of Facebook, Google, Linked in

Understand how to evaluate business model
With different subject of group presentation, by using Business Model Canvas, different types of visualizayion for different needs Look forward the case how Business Model could drive non profit sector

Reflection :
( What I got from this study) :
The business model concept is becoming increasingly popular within management and strategy literature. It is used within many fields of research, including both traditional strategy theory and in the emergent body of literature on e-business. However, the concept is often used independently from theory, meaning model components and their interrelations are relatively obscure. Nonetheless, I do believe that the business model concept is useful in explaining the relation between management , operational and strategy. The conceptual business model include customers and competitors, the offering, activities...
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