Topics: Islam, Holy Roman Empire, Ancient Rome Pages: 4 (870 words) Published: September 25, 2014
Other Names
All Eras= Technological & Environmental Transformations
Paleolithic= “Old” Stone Age
Neolithic= “New” Stone Age
Ancient= Bronze Age
c. 8000 BCE to 600 CE
Top 5 List
Slash-and-Burn Farming= ashes from the burnt down forest used to fertilize fields China’s Domestication of Rice= began when the Shang dynasty began to cultivate land and was able to farm rice Irrigation= helps move water from the river to a specific area to keep lands fertile for agriculture Development of Societies:

Indus River Valley= developed near the Indus river in the middle east Mesopotamian= developed between the Tigris and Euphrates River Olmecs and Chavin= both help develop the Mayans and the Incas Empire

Primarily the tending of animals= provided food and hides provided clothes and shelter “Nomads”= herding the animals from one place to another Helped spread ideas= would trade with nearby civilizations/settlements The Peopling of the Earth:

Europe= one of the beginning areas to start populating
Asia= the next area to be populated
South & Central America= the final area to be peopled through the Bering land bridge Art:
Venus Figurines= used for the worshipping of women; belief in fertility Oracle Bones= where questions were written on them in which they were used to receive answers from deities in Shang dynasty Code of Hammurabi= law codes to help control civilians in Mesopotamia

Other Names: NONE
Accurate time span: 500 B.C.E to 500CE
Top five
Monotheistic religion
a. Judaism- Major in the Mediterranean; Jesus was Jewish, Jesus’’ dad was god, therefore they worshipped god. They worshipped one god. A god. THE god. Yaweh b. Zoroastrianism - Major in The Persian Empire. It was a quasi monotheistic religion, but falls under the category. They believed that there was just one good god, however, there were other gods that they believed had a little amount of...
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