01.07 Collapse of an Empire: Assessment

Topics: Ottoman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Istanbul Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: July 26, 2013
01.07 Collapse of an Empire: Assessment

I see a heavily fortified city. Surrounding the city are tens of thousands of Turkish soldiers that I belong to. We are armed with crossbows, shields, and swords. Some of us are using multiple ladders to scale the walls of Constantinople. Additional soldiers remain on boats to support us performing the attack.

There are 9 things that I am going to describe first hand account during our attack on Constantinople.

1. I am the soldier on the second ladder to the left with a huge sword in hand. 2. Things I smell: I smell the salty water to the right of me, the horse that my leader is on, the smell of fear and determination from my fellow soldiers and from the enemy, and I also can smell death that surrounds me. 3. Things I see: I see my enemy in front of me, attacking me with his sword with all of his might. I can also see the fear in his eyes. I see my fellow soldiers attacking the enemy and invading the city of Constantinople. I see many arrows and spears flying across the blue sky over and around me. 4. Things I hear: I can hear the waves crashing into the walls and the ship anchored off shore. I can hear my leader yelling out orders and also hear his horse neighing. I hear screams and shouting from both fellow soldiers and the enemy, especially the one attacking me. I hear a lot of swords clanking and arrows and spears whistling through the air. 5. Things I touch: I have my sword in one hand and I am grasping the ladder in the other hand. At times, I let go of the ladder to defend myself from my enemy. 6. Things I fear: I fear many things during this time. I fear death, defeat, pain, and disappointment. 7. Reason why I am here: I am here to defeat and conquer Constantinople. I want to be apart of the downfall of the Byzantine Empire and claim and convert Constantinople to the Ottoman Empire. 8. 3 goals I think we will accomplish by winning: 1) VICTORY! 2) Being a part of the...
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