1930s Fashion

Topics: Great Depression, 1930s, Clothing Pages: 2 (314 words) Published: April 16, 2012
1930s Fashion
I. What affected the fashion world in the 1930s?
A. The great depression made a big impact on the fashion world for women. 1. This caused the fashionable women to disappear.
2. Made women limit themselves in fashion
a) Reused clothes instead of buying new clothes
b) Tried mending and patching before deciding on whether or not to buy new clothes c) Many more women were seen sewing their own clothes
II. What were some clothing items that were worn by women in the 1930s? A. Skirts
1. Skirts were usually mid-calf skirts to the ankle.
B. Dresses
1. Had a natural waistline
2. V-neck cardigans were worn over theses dresses.
C. Swim Suits
1. Backless
2. Made from linen and latex yarn
D. Well-tailored suits
1 Made for women who were in business
2. This masculine look showed seriousness in a woman
E. Bare Midriffs
1. Was a short top which was over the belly button.
F. Casual look
3. House dresses, which were worn when the women had to do house cleaning or when she lounged 4. There was dressier house dresses that were worn when the women played cards or on casual social occasions. III. What were some popular accessories for the women of the 1930s? A. Bare Midriffs

B. Gloves
1. Usually matched the shoes and handbag
C. Hats/head wear
2. Worn at an angle
3. Berets
4. Brimmed hats
5. Bows & turbans
G. Furs
1. Capes, coats, etc.
H. Corsets
IV. How did the women look (physically) in the 1930s? Make-up, hairstyle, etc. A. Short hair
1. Finger waves or soft curls
2. With very little body
B. Pale complexion.
1. No sun-tanning, was considered to be low class.
2. Rouge, lipstick, and eye shadow to brighten up the face C. Artificial eyelashes
1. Took two hours to apply.
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