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Home country(Japan)
Clothes style standardization: All the clothes UNIQLO sells based on the idea—unique, comfortable and simple. Size: As everyone knows, the figures of Asian are far away different from most of Western. As a result, the size designed should be considered properly. For example, the size in Japan is nearly not a big range. Although there are little exceptions, most of Japanese are still in small figures. Materials: For the weather concerned, there will be a little difference between the home country and the host country. For instance, the weather in Japan maybe colder and the wind maybe stronger in winter, so UNIQLO can use wind-protected materials to manufacture the clothes. If UNIQLO can do some efforts on this part, it can be helpful. Price

Price positioning: UNIQLO wants to position its price at budget price because it represents the idea that they hope everyone can wear their clothes easily. Since we can remember, Japan has been a strong country and its economics has been prosperous as well. Therefore, the purchasing level in Japan is higher than most of other Asian countries. Japanese can afford the price that UNIQLO makes. The benefits of the exported country: As the exported country, Japan doesn’t need to count on the taxes. Competitors: There are many clothing shops in modern Japan, and also many clothing brands that they can choose. That is to say that UNIQLO needs to adjust their price to similar ones like their competitors do. Promotion

Festival: UNIQLO can use the festivals to do some promotions to appeal the customers. For example, we can launch more creative couple products on Valentine’s Day or reduce the price of kid’s products on Children’s Day. Online shopping: UNIQLO gets their websites on the Internet, and it’s easily and clearly to reach the information about the product. Nowadays, people spend more time on the Internet. To this point, we can do some online promotion such as free delivery or reduction of price...
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