Acceptance essay

Topics: Need, Want, Clothing Pages: 2 (840 words) Published: March 18, 2011
The vision of what is considered beautiful in an individual is always changing as time passes. Women of the 17th century were looked as gorgeous women of their time even though we would look down upon them as obese and unattractive in ours. Most people’s perception of beauty is not how they view themselves, but how others view them. In modern life today we shape how we look, dress, and smell on how others will perceive us. One of the ways standards are put into people’s heads on the way a person’s image should emulate is, the media. The media is always showing its viewers of what the ideal body should look like. In today’s world everybody is looking at the media, and valued opinions are formed from watching it. Everyday when turning the television on you see a celebrity with this amazing physique and wearing these very glamorous clothes, and people are constantly saying how beautiful and sexy they are. That gives the image of acceptance, and I believe that is what most humans in society strive for from their peers.

The media in itself controls how we look at ourselves and others around us. Everyday we look in the mirror at our insecurities. We see what we don’t have compared to what the media says we should have. We see what clothes they are wearing, and that makes us want to go purchase that same style of clothing for ourselves. We base our entire appearance on what people we haven’t even met and most likely will never meet, but these people in the media are only one side of the spectrum.

Fashion is a second way in which people try to mold their image. The name in itself says everything, “fashion models”. They are supposed to be models for what we should wear, and how we should look. We see these “models” as eccentric, beautiful, and what is known by most very petit and skinny. Americans seeing the media and the fashion industry on a daily basis puts into their heads the idea of what should be beautiful, and what...
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