Afghan Dress

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Afghan Dress~
Karolin Wang
Per. 6

Afghan clothing for men and women in
head coverings
Men and women

● traditional male clothing
usually includes a salwar
kameez (dress), lungee
(turban), karakul, pakol, topi,
kufi (hats), and a chapan

● another kind of men’s clothing
is call Perahan Tunban with a
gold or silver stitched
embroidery waistcoat, and the
foot wear called Paizar
● women wear long colorful dress
with round skirt.

Turbans are commonly worn
all over the country but the
fabric, color and style vary
from region to region.
Under the turban an
embroidered, knitted or
crouched cap is worn.
women wear hijab and

Differ. clothing in
Pashtun,Tajik, and Uzbek for man and women
Pashtun : male
Pashtun : women

Traditional male dress is qmis, a
loose-fitting shirt that reaches to
the knees,

or salwar kameez, full trousers
tied at the waist with a string.
vest is worn over the shirt.
Shalwar are made differ. for
males and females.

Footwear consists of saplay, thick
leather shoes.

Males usually wear kufi,
Kandahari cap, turban or pakul as
traditional headgear. turbans
Long strips of cotton cloth are
wraped around the head.

● Women also wear a shalwar
usually colored, belted with a
sash, and a cotton cloth called
Hijab over the head.
● Over their clothing, they
usually wear a burqa —a veil
that covers them from the head
to below the knees.
● women also wear saplay,
tradition pashtun shoe.

Differ. clothing in
Pashtun,Tajik, and Uzbek for man and women
Tajik : Male

Tajik : women

● male wear a long shirt kurta
and turbans
● Western clothing have become
common in Tajikistsan.

● The basic outfit for women is a
long shirt or dress called a kurti
and a pair of pants called

● Traditional clothing is often
reserved for special occassions.

● Many older women cover their
hair with a scarf , but few wear
the hijab, which also covers the

● The traditional hats are black
with white embroidery and
pointed at the top and lay
lightly on the head.

Differ. clothing in
Pashtun,Tajik, and Uzbek for man and women
Uzbek : Women
● Traditional Uzbek clothes
consists of plain khan-atlas
tunic-dress and wide

Uzbek : Male

Males wore chopon, a
quilted robe, tied with a

● Kuylak is the men’s straight

● And wear a Tubeteika(cap).
● worn by every one, except
for the elder women.

cut shirt.
● men also wore Tubeteika's
● Traditional footwear is high-

boots, made of thin leather.

● Any blouse or tunic the Afghan women wear, must be long sleeve. ankles may not be shown.

woman MUST wear pants underneath, or will be considered immodest .

● foreign women should wear conservative clothes. like wearing a larger chadar (head scarf) and more Afghan style dresses and pants. ● Men can't wear shorts out on the street, and sleeveless shirts. ● not all people have to wear traditional clothing but atleast something modest.

Girls at a very young age begin to cover their hair with a very light colorful piece of cloth, many do this even while at home with their own family.

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