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School Uniforms

Students should wear school uniforms. School uniforms are mandatory in 98% of schools in Japan. It needs to wear school uniform by school rule every day. However, it has against students too. However, some students are against wearing school uniforms.

There are some advantages to wearing school uniforms. First, it is not necessary to choose daily clothes. Second, it is more economical. Lastly, it brings more discipline to the school. To choose clothes every day is very hard. In addition, it’s economical by wearing school uniform. When students wear school uniform, Then discipline of school become well. As a result students will be the people of stronger character.

There are also disadvantages with school uniforms. The major disadvantage is that it deprives the student from having an individual identity and takes away freedom of expression. Individuality is very important from the viewpoint of living in the school. Some would feel that deprives one’s identity and freedom of expression. Another disadvantage is that the uniform can’t deal with changes in temperature. Students are often very hot or very cold because there are only two types of uniforms. What’s more, it can’t control both heat and coldness. It’s felt inconvenience.

In my opinion, even if there are some negatives to the school uniform the advantages are very good and help the school environment. To wear school uniform has the disadvantage a lot.
There is a lot of the advantage in contravention of it. It can do Freedom of expression with the exception of school. To Control atmospheric temperature can do soon by wearing shirt. The school uniform has splendid things. Students should wear uniforms.
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