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Topics: Clothing, American Apparel, Marketing Pages: 1 (177 words) Published: December 17, 2014
American Apparel: Image Consciousness?
A qualitative approach to collect and analyze data from 26 American apparel consumers. Data collection for the study occurred through semi-structured discussions. Findings – Results indicate that the applicants engaged in a number of real eco-conscious clothing achievement behaviors. First, they observed to getting hold of limits by acquiring clothing based on need and extending the period of their clothing. Second, they acquired clothing made from fibers or having other features perceived as environmentally desirable. Finally, they acquired clothing through sources believed to be environmentally superior, including second-hand sources, eco-conscious establishments, independently owned businesses, and home sewing. Research restrictions/inferences. The sample of 26 American shoppers means that the results cannot be widely widespread. Future research should study the clothing getting hold of behaviors of a larger sample and include consumers from outside the USA. Provides proof that consumers engage in a range of eco-conscious clothing purchase behaviors, and a market segment of eco-conscious clothing shoppers exists. Clothing industry specialists can use this starting point data to aid in the development of eco-conscious clothing intake tactics.
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