Analysis of Uniqlo's Success in Taiwan

Topics: Brand, Fashion, Marketing Pages: 3 (855 words) Published: October 26, 2010
As a successful global brand, how did Uniqlo achieve its competitive advantages?

“UNIQLO, a new style Japanese firm making good casual clothes available for all to wear.”( Uniqlo Co., Ltd.  is a Japanese casual wear designer, manufacturer and retailer. The first UNIQLO store was opened in 1984 and then developed with an amazing speed to become a huge competitive opponent in the apparel industry in Japan and now even the world. Its operating characteristics and thus becoming its main brand has become a basic 'low-cost, high-quality' which its name “Uniqlo” is now synonymous with.

The business uses the fast food business philosophy or as I would call it the “buffet” style which the shop applies to the breadth of products, the 'UNIQLO' sales of apparel for men and women of any age wear. It also uses standardization whereupon relying on the operation guide to store layout, merchandise, price realizations, the same technology and thus making it efficient and effective for the workers. Through varieties of a large number of small sales as well as production of economies of scale, helps in achieving the low prices they are known for. “We consistently provide fashionable, high quality, basic casual clothes that anyone can wear anytime anywhere – and always at the lowest possible market prices.” (

For years it devoted itself to selling low-price clothes with a high quality to meet customers' needs, which is also its competitive edge, making the products so popular among people at all ages. However, one of the most competitive edge that Uniqlo have over its competitors is the combining all facets of its businesses including fabric weaving, dyeing and spinning, product design, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and sales together or SPA. This SPA system also helps in warehouse sales, production of economies of scale, saving storage costs and avoid unnecessary of the costs thus lowering the price. In pursuit of the low price that Uniqlo...
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