Animals In The Fashion Industry

Topics: Fur, Rabbit, The Animals Pages: 3 (609 words) Published: March 13, 2015
Animals in the Fashion Industry

Imagine being taken from your family, to a cold, dark place where you are locked up, with no room to move, in a small cage. You are taken every once in a while to get your hair shaved off, and things rubbed into your skin that could potentially make your hair never grow back, or it burns you and makes your skin bleed. Or maybe you get a substance put into your eyes and are kept with that substance in your eyes for two weeks and you go blind, or maybe you are being tied up and having all your hair pulled out, knowing you’re going to be tortured like this every three to four months. Every year, nearly 100 million animals die in research laboratories at the hands of curious scientists who perform outdated and inaccurate tests that normally prove no benefit to humans. Around 70 million rabbits were killed last year for their fur. New statistics have shown that it takes eleven lynx, eighteen red foxes, eleven silver foxes, one hundred chinchillas, thirty rabbits, nine beavers, twenty-five skunks, fourteen otters, thirty possums, one hundred squirrels, or twenty-seven raccoons to make one fur coat. Although animal research has helped to find cures for some illnesses and sometimes the fur jackets are gorgeous, there are more efficient and effective ways to do these things that do not involve the suffering of innocent creatures. I’ve had many animals and I know that if one of them had been taken away to be put into a research lab, it would break my heart. Most of us have had pets, so could you stand for that sort of treatment to be given to your animals like that of this in a lab? In the fashion Industry there are two main uses for animals. Cosmetic and Clothing. I’m going to start with clothing.

Animals are used for their fur or skin.
Angora is a material made from the fur of the Angora rabbit. Angora products can cost £90. But can sell for prices up to £2000. Is that how much people are willing to pay for the torture of...
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