Anti Christ

Topics: Lars von Trier, Antichrist, Charlotte Gainsbourg Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Character Analysis

Charlotte Gainsbourg played the role in film antichrist as “SHE”. The characters in the film are never given names, except Nick, who act as the son of the couple. As her personality fits the character she is portraying, in the year 2009, Gainsburg won the award for being the Best Actress at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival for the said film. The film opens with a stunning black and white, slow-motion where the lead “she” and “he” make love in the shower while their unattended young child Nick crawl out of his crib, climbs out an open window and fall to his death. I have read that body doubles were used for Dafoe and Gainsbourg in the most explicit scenes of antichrist. In the first chapter “Grief”, we can see Gainsbourg act as a mother who suffered grief and guilt as to her son’s death. I had a hard time listening to her voice, (maybe because she is a French actress), specially to the scenes where she murmurs. But good enough when she talks naturally and very convincing when she screams which added some suspense to the film. In the cabin (woods of Eden), chapters 2 “Pain”, 3 “Despair”, and 4 “The three beggars” more often occur. It’s the place where “she” is treated with an exposure therapy by her husband. It’s the place where long ago “she” and Nick spent their summer time together while writing a thesis paper on Gynocide. Without a doubt, Charlotte Gainsbourg deserves the title of being the Best actress during her time. She uses appropriate facial expressions in different scene as necessary. If she is in horror-struck, particularly in the surroundings of Eden, then, her facial expression is indeed being horrified – not that I can blame her, the place looks absolutely terrifying. To make things even stranger, I was surprised when “she” seems completely driven and obsessed with sex, particularly raping the Man whenever she gets the chance. I don’t know if it symbolizes something or Lars von Trier just wanted to shock his audience? I can...
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