Apparel Industry

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Chapter 1
Industry size and outline
“Apparel means clothing in general or readymade garments which is ready to wear” (dictionary)
Types of fabrics used for apparel production:
* Acetate
* Acrylic
* Broad cloth
* Brocade
* Challis
* Chambray
* Chiffon
* Cotton
* Crepe
* Damask
* Denim
* Drill
* Faille.
* Flannel.
* Flax
* Gabardine
* Georgette
* Hounds tooth
* Moiré
* Nylon
* Organdy
* Oxford
* Polyester
* Pongee
* Rayon
* Silk

Steps by step process of manufacturing garments
Design/sketch: In the process of manufacturing, sketching take place designs of cloths and their details are sketched.
Pattern design: The pattern drafting method is used for the designing a pattern and the purpose of making this pattern is to create the sample garment.
Sample making: The pattern is then sending to the sewing department so they will assemble it into a garment, this is usually stitched on calico or muslin which is an inferior quality of fabric and it reduces cost.

Production pattern: This is used for huge production garment. The patterns of garments can be made by two methods CAD/CAM methods because they are consider as easiest method of designing pattern.

Pattern grading: Grading is the process used for sized pattern. It is used for moving and adjusting the pattern for multiple sizes.
Spreading and cutting: After grading and relaxing the fabric it will be cut into equal pieces and then spread manually or by controlled system. Lastly the fabric is cut into the shape of the garment forms....
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