Are Migrants Unfairly Targeted for Sweatshops in Australia?

Topics: Clothing, Sweatshop, Australia Pages: 1 (424 words) Published: July 2, 2013
Sweatshops in Australia are not commonly acknowledged, although they do exist. It is believed that they are most frequently found in such states around the country as New South Wales and Victoria. There are various explanations as to why sweatshops unfairly target migrants to work for them. A sweatshop is a business facility where hard workers are victimised by long hours, low wages and poor working facilities. Sweatshops are most commonly found in countries where labour laws have not been imposed yet. Without these laws enforced workers can be paid as little as possible for as many hours as they’re requested to work, no health and safety for the employee, etc. Many of the popular, well known brands including Nike, Adidas, Puma, Asics, FILA and Umbro are supposedly sweatshops. However, these companies do not like to admit to this. The migrants putting all the long hours into making the clothes don’t get recognised in any way for their contribution to the making of the designer clothes sold worldwide. While they’re getting paid an average of $2 - $3 per hour, taking roughly 2 hours per garment and being sold from anywhere between $100 - $1000. Ethical Clothing Australia is an approval that symbolises everyone involved in the making of the final product, received suitable wages and worked in acceptable conditions. To have the full assurance that the apparel is an Ethical Clothing Australia clothing piece, there will be a symbol on the garment in the shape of an ‘e’ created with numerous lines. This is a good example of how all workers should be treated. Usually, sweatshop owners choose immigrants who originally migrated from countries with worse working conditions, such as China and Vietnam. Most migrants don’t speak English very well and have no understanding that the act is illegal here, in comparison to their country. They believe they are better here than where they were before as they are aware they’re earning more. These workers work unhealthy hours, seven...
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