Are Uniforms a Good Way to Improve Students Discipline and Motivation?

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Are Uniforms a Good Way to Improve Students Discipline and Motivation? AED 200
February 3, 2013
Kymmberly Corbin

Are Uniforms a Good Way to Improve Students Discipline and Motivation? Some people believe that your attitude can change just based off of how you are dressed. For example, if someone is in a sweat shirt and sweat pants they are more likely to be relaxed and not want to do anything. Now if some is in a nice shirt and slacks they are more likely to behave and act classy. As much as some people do not believe that clothes can change a person’s mood, there are a lot a people that would beg to differ. Uniforms or even a dress code is a good way to improve a student’s discipline and motivation. In school, students try to show their personality through what they wear, but what if students were not allowed to wear anything they wanted, what if each school had a cretin dress code or uniform that had to be followed? It has been shown that students perform academically better depending on their clothing attire. Most schools today have a dress code that consist of wearing a collar shirt, that is tucked in, a belt with any pants that have belt loops, and no backless shoes. Schools get more in-depth with the dress code but it all consists of the same rules. Students do not like having to wear a collar shirt everyday to school, if you were to take a poll most students would say they like having the option of wearing anything they want to school. With that being said if students were allowed to wear whatever they wanted to school, who knows what students would show up to school wearing. Some students would be showing up in jeans in a t-shirt or even just pajama pants and a raggedy shirt, but when it comes to problems with what students wear, I think it comes mostly from middle and high school students because they have come to the age where they want to rebel and stand out. Being in school I hated having a dress code, I did not want to be told what I could or could not wear or when something was appropriate or not appropriate, I wanted to wear what I wanted; I wanted to express myself the way I wanted. Most middle and high school students think the same way I did when I was in high school. It was not till after I graduated high school and volunteering in a first grade classroom that I noticed that someone’s clothing can affect the way they act. So what is so wrong with trying to set students on a good path? If teachers have to have a dress code why should students not have one? We all understand that students at any age likes expressing themselves and their personality, but when they are at school, they are at school to learn not to be a walking advertisement for Hollister or American Eagle. Some of the younger students in elementary school feel left out because their parents cannot afford the expensive high end clothes. It is not right that a student should feel left out or different all because of what kind of clothes they are wearing. Having a uniform and a dress code can help discipline and motivate a student in many ways. A perfect example is private school, and non state funded school, all have their own uniform for their students. It has even been said that in the 1990s state schools in the USA began to adopt uniforms (Debatepedia, 2011). Some private schools are known for having the best well rounded students; they have students that excel in academics as well as socially. Having students dress in uniforms help give them some sort of discipline that they know they need to follow, along with motivation of knowing that they can succeed. Have you noticed in the school that let their students wear whatever they want, that the students tend to walk all over the teachers and staff? In schools with no dress code, the students tend to have more of a discipline problem, for example, there are more fights or more students that are sent out of a classroom, now compared to schools with a dress code or uniform, there are...

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