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Topics: Byzantine Empire, Madonna, Ottoman Empire Pages: 3 (812 words) Published: November 16, 2013

CIMABUE: Virgin and Child in Glory surrounded by six angels, c. 1280, wood, Musee de Louvre

1. ARTIST: Cimabue- also known as Cenni Di Pepi'
a. Generally regarded as one of the first great Italian painters to break away from the Italo-Byzantine style, a.i. he still relied on Byzantine traits.
b. Painter and mosaicist,
b.i. Cimabue used the formal traits of Byzantine art,
b.i.1. Brought emotional aspects,
b.i.2. An increased concern with naturalism,
b.i.3. New awareness of three-dimensional space to his stylized forms. c. Cimabue is considered by many to have provided the foundation for the art of Giotto and Duccio in the 14th century. d. His great contemporary, Dante, recognized the importance of Cimabue d.i. He placed him at the forefront of Italian painters

d.ii. Many others surpassed Cimabue during his lifetime.
e. Little is known of his early life or training
e.i. He was born in Florence and died in Pisa
f. He was influenced by the Italo-Byzantine painter Giunta Pisano and by Coppo di Marcovaldo f.i. may have been an apprentice to Coppo.

2. DEPICTION: Madonna and Child in Glory surrounded by six angels a. Basic info-
a.i. This is one of Cimabue's early works,
a.i.1. painted in about 1280, before the Maestà di Santa Trinità. a.ii. The frame is decorated with twenty-six painted medallions depicting Christ and four angels, as well as prophets and saints. b. Madonna- representation of Mary, either alone or with her child Jesus. b.i. In this depiction- Mary and the infant Jesus are surrounded by adoring angels. b.ii. These images are central icons for both the Catholic and Orthodox churches b.iii. In art, when Mary is referred to as "the Madonna", the term is applied specifically to an artwork in which Mary, is the focus and central figure of the picture. b.iv. She is the "queen of heaven"

c. The composition is symmetrical and dense
c.i. The Virgin is hieratic, and the blessing gesture of the Christ is hardly child-like...
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