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Going to school should be about learning and developing skills needed in life, but grade school kids today take going to school as a chance to show off the latest trends at the expense of the less fortunate that are not able to keep up with those trends. History has shown how far kids go with that, a young girl only ten years old took her own life because of constant torment about her clothes and shoes. Children naturally are honest about certain things and that honesty can sometimes become cruelty to other students, and taking away the fuel from the fire can be a good start. School uniforms should be required in American Public Schools because their use would lead to uniformity in kids, less chances of being a victim of bulling, and a lower cost to parents.

Wearing uniforms is a way to diminish bullying in grade schools. While some may argue that doing so may take away students freedom to express themselves, we as adults know that sometimes you have you take away things from children as a consequence in order to get a desired result. A study in Sparks Middle, Nevada showed that 54 percent of the kids said that they still had their “identity” while wearing uniforms. We have to admit that bullying is mostly based on what one looks like and if we make them all look the same it will bring down the bulling tremendously. Studies done by The Long Island School district Show that something as simple as uniforms in school environment changed the crime rate remarkably and attendance went up to 95 percent. That alone shows that students felt more comfortable to come to school. They felt safer to come and not be tormented about what they were wearing that day, because some student’s parents have a higher income and can keep up with the latest fashion while others can’t and become the subject of ridicule. Jafeth Sanchez, a researcher in Nevada, simply stated after her study with...
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