Benefits of Uniform

Topics: Education, Dress code, Clothing Pages: 4 (1396 words) Published: May 6, 2012
Benefits of uniforms
In some Western countries, there is no such thing as school uniform. Students just wear whatever they like as long as appropriate to the norm to their school. But, this kind of things does not happen in our country. Why? Questions like “Should school require students to wear a school uniform?” have been put forward again and again. Based on what we can observe now, there are so many reasons to wear school uniforms. First of all, school uniforms can prompt young students to concentrate on the purpose of school: academic. When the world is on its way to develop, students tend to care more about their appearances. This leads to many problems. We can see clearly that students nowadays spend their times deciding on what they should wear today, which shirt is fashionable, which dress is trendy. They suffer the Internet all day to check out what everyone is wearing, how to look better than classmates and discuss question when they should be studying. If schools require students to wear uniforms, students will focus more on their studying because they don’t need to think what to wear in a next day of school. They all wear same thing with little variation so there won’t be any trend competitions in class as well as in school. Students won’t wear inappropriate clothes to school. They won’t have chances to dress on their bodies some weird creepy hippie style, sexy clothes or something that will make schools become a catwalk where students are models and teachers are judges. Moreover, when all the students wear uniform, the school will seemed to be more orderly and neat. Besides that, we should retain school uniform because it can train our students to be more disciplined. In Some Asian countries, students have to wear uniform to school. If someone fails to do so or purposely against it, punishment will always be ready for him. Therefore, by hook or by crook, students have to stick to this rule. Obviously, this makes the students be more obedient and...
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