Body Scanning for a New Shopping Experience

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Body Scanning for a New Shopping Experience

These days’ people are busier than ever. Why not make a shopping experience that fits into those busy lives. Before a good return policy, customers had to take off all their clothes and try on their potential purchases. Now, companies have return policies that usually give you a full refund. Many people utilize this policy because they are too crunched for time to try the clothes on. In the event of the clothes not working, you have to take more time taking another trip out to the store, and return the purchase. People do not have that kind of time while working, picking the kids up, and getting dinner on the table. There needs to be a solution that can let you know exactly how a garment is going to fit you. A body scanner will scan the customers’ body to obtain their physical measurements. Once the computer has the customers’ body scan, the customer can digitally view the stores’ clothes and see how they would fit them personally – no clothes need to come off. The computer can give details such as where the sleeves will hit, how low or high the neckline is, and how loose or tight the fit is. Having a body scanner in a store will reduce a customer’s shopping time because after their first visit their body will be logged and it will only take a few seconds to get a garment’s fit. Another reason shopping can take so long is because there is so much merchandise on the racks to go through. The body scanner will eliminate people trying things on, so there won’t be a need to have all sizes out. If the store only displays one size of each style in a front-facing manor, the customer can much more easily scan the merchandise and make a quick selection. When the customer has decided to purchase an item, a store clerk can quickly grab the size from the back and ring them up. If it is a customer’s first time at the store and wants to make registering quick and easy, they can make an appointment. Also, it is good for the...
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