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Writer’s Checklist for Cause and Effect Essay

I have identified the cause or effect I am analyzing in my thesis.

I have explained the cause-and-effect relationship convincingly.

I have organized my causes and/or effects logically.

I have used sound logic.

I have concluded my essay effectively.

I have proofread thoroughly.

The Cause and Effects of Bullying on Children
Children in America are haunted by bullies every day. Bullying has plagued children in neighborhoods and schools for centuries, and Americans are still trying to find ways to combat the child predators that do the bullying. A bully is one who seeks control over a person by force through intimidation or verbal abuse. Moreover, children may display many symptoms if they are victims of bullying. Bullying has many causes, and the after effects can lead to short and long-term trauma for a child.

According to the article by Sally Henry, “Bullying- Like Father Like Son”: Social scientists’ research into bullying examines a wide range of historical and contemporary ideas relating to cause and effect. These include issues of abuse and aggression in the concealed context of the home and its relation to both cause and consequence of extending patterns of aggressive behaviour. Most recently attention has turned to the increasing numbers of children exposed to marital conflict (1).

Some causes of bullying include: a child wanting to get noticed, relishing having power over his or her peers, problems at home, thinking it is “cool” and funny, jealousy, revenge, or just taking his or her feelings out on others. According to one journalist who has written extensively about the bullying phenomenon, “The causes of bullying probably include genetic, constitutional, physiological, and social factors. But bullying often persists because it is immediately and substantially rewarded. By hurting others, bullies get what they want -- higher status, material possessions, and self-esteem” (Miller...

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