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Personal Statement
In this day and age, management plays a pivotal role in social development. With the sweeping trends of globalization and cross-cultural interflow, new technology, for example the information influences the way of business. Under this circumstance, I am inclined to learn business management as my major for the master degree.

From an early age, I have been interested in the running of business. Business management plays a key role in business. My love of business is just the most important reason for choosing business management. Moreover, it can help me to get a decent job. I am interested in teamwork, which is one of the core concepts of business management. Learning from others can do help me improve myself. Just as an old Chinese saying, “Two heads are always better than one”.

My pre-master’s course does a great job in helping me to learn wider and deeper. It also paves the way for my future learning. Via the Internet, I can gain swift and convenient access to the latest information about business, which will make me keep in line with the really business world. I have been a passionate reader since I was very young. Because of that, I gain a lot of knowledge from different kinds of books. Through reading, I also have cultivated the ability to analyse the problems, creative thinking and researching. Besides, chatting on the Internet is one of my interests. It improves my ability to communicate with strangers. Good communication ability is so important in management. Through learning some successful examples such as the’ Lean Six Sigma’ used by Dell to optimize requirement and drive the workflow, which utilized famous management theory helped me reach the real business world. I once did a part-time job in a small accounting firm. In the company, I practiced what has been taught and also understood the running of an enterprise. Problem solving skills, creative thinking and researching skills are the essential abilities that I am...
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