Topics: Symmetry, Clothing, Textile Pages: 2 (396 words) Published: February 6, 2014
Pattern matching and lay preparation, Fabric spreading [2 sets] - Mention the guidelines for lay plan.
- Discuss the features of accurate pattern matching.
- Mention and discuss the types of lay plan.
- What type of lay plan you should follow to check or stripe matching? - Mention the benefits of multi-size lay plan over single size lay. - Define symmetry and asymmetry in garments and fabric.
- In which type of lay plan you can ensure maximum material/fabric utilization? Justify your statement. - Define fabric spreading
- Mention the requirements of fabric spreading process.
- Define different types of lay with sketches.
- Mention different forms of spreading.
- Mention different spreading modes with sketches
- Compare between manual and automatic fabric spreading.
- Define napping of fabric.
- What type of spreading you will consider for gabardine or printed fabric? - What type of spreading you need to consider if you are required to follow the napping direction of the fabric? Marker making [1 set]

- What is a marker? What are the objectives of marker making? - Define marker efficiency with detail formulas.
- Mention the factors that influence on marker efficiency.
- Discuss general placement rules of marker making.
- Mention the principles of computerized marker making.
- Compare between manual and computerized marker making process. - What is a splice mark in fabric spreading?
- Maths
Cutting [1 set]
- Mention the objectives of fabric cutting
- Mention the name of different tools of fabric cutting
- Mention the features of straight knife, band knife and round knife cutting machine - Write down short notes on water jet, laser and plasma cutting machine. - Mention the benefits of band knives over straight knives cutting machine. - For what type of pattern pieces Die cutting is suitable?

- What are functions of Notcher and drill machine in fabric cutting? Trims and accessories [1 set]
- List the name of ten (10) different trims that we...
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