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Kari and the Keys
Business Plan
1. Executive Summary
Welcome to the future of music entertainment for your next event. Kari and the Keys, brings to the community of Cedar Rapids and surrounding areas, a breath of fresh air in music entertainment. By combining two gifted musicians, going the extra mile, and offering a wide variety of music styles to suit your needs, Kari and the Keys will lead the event entertainment market, providing a praise worthy performance every time.

Kari and the Keys is a small business aimed at the big time. In order to reach our giant goals, we must focus on the mission behind the vision. We offer a one-two punch by providing a singer and accompanist, provide a superior sound system, and ensure a worry and hassle-free event – all with one phone call.

Keeping in tune with the needs of the market, consistently updating our music portfolio, all while ensuring the customer receives the individual attention they deserve, is the vision and daily mission of Kari and the Keys.

2. Objective
It is our objective to:
Achieve name recognition labeled as the “best entertainment for your event” Provide the convenience of a one stop shop for music entertainment offering better talent and prices than our competitors; delivering top notch customer satisfaction. Obtain 30% of the market share for event entertainers within 2 years

3. Mission
Inspired by our passion for music, Kari and the Keys want to engage your audience in an incredible music experience, through a praise-worthy performance, for your event.

4. Keys to success
Our keys to success include:
a. Offering Talented Musicians: Professionally trained musicians who share a passion for music and performing; Eric Stenseth – Organist/Pianist, formally studied music and piano at Mankato State University, 25 years of experience. Kari Burbach – Singer (Soprano/Alto), formally studied music and vocal performance at University of Iowa, 20 years of experience

b. Customer Satisfaction: We strive for exemplary focus on the customer’s satisfaction and his/her experience both with us and the outcome received by hiring us.

c. Convenience: Organizations/Person’s ability to hire both a singer and accompanist for an event.

5. Company Summary
Kari and the Keys is comprised of a singer (Kari Burbach) and an accompanist (Eric Stenseth) - piano/organ, fully equipped to perform at your personal or corporate event. We are both formally trained musicians and offer a wide variety of music to choose from for your special event including: Recent pop songs,

Music from the 80’s and 90’s,
Traditional/non-traditional wedding and/or secular music,
Popular/traditional Christmas music.

Additionally, we own a professional sound system inclusive of two (2) main speakers, monitor, mixer, microphone and keyboard.

Our primary focus of business will be weddings and corporate events; however, we have the capability to provide music entertainment for most occasions. The geographic area we are focusing on for marketing and services is primarily locations within the Cedar Rapids Metro Area (inclusive of Cedar Rapids, Marion and Hiawatha).

It is important that all business conducted will include an Event Contract, which is a legally binding agreement between Kari and the Keys and the Event Requestor. A down payment of $150 is required to hold the date for each event. This is a non-refundable payment and required at the time the event date is booked and Event Contract executed.

Kari and the Keys is organized as a partnership encompassing two general partners who are Kari J. Burbach and Eric Stenseth; each owns 50% of the company. Kari conducts the accounting, marketing strategies and legal duties; Eric handles executing on social media, the company’s website design, and booking requests. Each partner shares daily business duties evenly.

6. Company History
Eric and I have known of each other for 20 years. Even then we...

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