Byzantine Empire

Topics: Byzantine Empire, Lilo & Stitch, High school Pages: 1 (502 words) Published: October 16, 2014
Lindsay Pitcher
October 7, 2014
1. How would you name the school? What would be your mascot? Explain. I would name my school Stitch High School. The Mascot would be stitch. Everyone knows Lilo and Stitch. Stitch seemed like he had a lot of problems and wasn’t very good, but really he was just lost and needed to find himself and a family. That’s where the inspiration from the school name came from. In high school everyone is trying to find themselves and everyone is so stressed and gets worked up. In the end you have your family to always fall back on and that is what Stitch came to find out. So the mascot is stitch meaning a curious figure and everyone is high school is curious! 2. Why do you think symbols like a name or mascot are so important to the people of the city? Why would it be important to the students? Symbols like a name or mascot are so important to the people of the city, because that’s what represents them and says who they are. Everyone is coming from different religions and ethnicities and they’re all unified by the positive features that the mascot shows. It’s important to the students because if they know what the mascot means and what it symbolizes they can try to reach those goals for themselves and better themselves. 3. What are two goals that you could recommend the new principal to consider when opening up the new school? The goals I would recommend would be to make sure that students are actually learning the material and not just having the study to get the questions right on the test and then forget about it next week. It would be to make learning exciting for the students and to never stop challenging them. After all, Stitch, the school mascot and high school name symbolizes stitch never giving up what he really wants, a family. 4. Identify two challenges that principal might have in achieving those goals. It might be difficult for the principal to make the learning exciting and be easy enough for the whole class to learn. It also...
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