Byzantine Empire Contributions

Topics: Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Catholic Church Pages: 3 (603 words) Published: November 16, 2014
Shytria Ash
October 23, 2014
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Contributions from the Byzantine Empire

After the fall of the Western empire, a new empire rose called the Byzantine Empire. This empire was a continuation of the Roman Empire in many ways. They considered themselves Romans, and the true inheritors of the intellectual, political, and spiritual legacy of Imperial Rome. Over the years the Byzantine formed a culture for itself and developed laws and religions. Even after the fall of the empire, what the Byzantine Empire had created contributed political, culturally, and religiously to today’s modern civilization. During the ruling of one of the most influential emperors of the Byzantine Empire, laws were developed. This collection of fundamental works in jurisprudence was called Justinian’s Code issued and created by Justinian. Church building was one of his many passions. In the building he used features such as, mosaics, domes, slender minarets, and columnar arches. Christianity was one of the pillars in the empire. Brothers, Cyril and Methodius were missionaries who tried to Christianize the Slavic people. On their mission they created a Slavic alphabet based on Greek characters. In the Roman world, Christianity was a constant turmoil. One controversy was the use of icons used in the eastern Christians to help aid their devotions. Differences between the eastern and western churches continued to grow. In 1054, the pope and the patriarch excommunicated each other in a dispute over religious doctrine, this became known as The Great Schism. Justinian’s Code is very similar to some of the laws today. For an example, Justinian Code on Women’s Rights: “All women can own property, make contracts and will, and bring a lawsuit.” American Law: “All women can own property, make contracts and wills, bring a lawsuit.” It serves a basis for the law codes of many countries. It sets a guideline for people to follow. Another crowning glory of Justinian’s reign was the church he...
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