Byzantine Empire Under Justinian

Topics: Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Justinian I Pages: 1 (292 words) Published: January 21, 2013
In the one of the articles written by Procopius, Justinian is glorified for his many great contributions mad during his reign. Justinian took what was already in the Roman Empire and basically tried his best to make it better. He was successful at doing so. Justinian takes the religions that the Byzantine have and finds it straying errors so he makes it stand on a firm foundation of a single faith. This doesn’t weaken the kingdom but strengthens it because it is a way of all the citizens to come together. Justinian also creates new cities that didn’t exist before. He even strengthens the law codes; Justinian found some of the laws contradicting each other so he simplifies them and creates a more cohesive code. While this document does Justinian much justice, Procopius wrote another where he speaks on the behavior of Justinian. Procopius calls him a liar, crafty, clever, hypocritical, secretive by temperament, and even two-faced. You’d think after writing such a glorifying article about Justinian that this article would be filled with only positive characteristics about him. It seems whether or not he was all those terrible things, he did make positive advancements to the empire and did revive the Roman Empire into the Byzantine. He took the scattered religious beliefs and cut them down to a single faith as it was in Rome. In Rome there were well thought out law codes that the citizens clearly understood and couldn’t get confused by. Justinian took the laws already laid and just clarified them in some ways like Rome. His legacy would most likely be the revival of the Hagia Sophia because once he was done with it, any and everyone who set foot in there left in awe.
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