Byzantine Empire Under Justinian

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Byzantine Empire under Justinian
Global History 1
Mr. Spiconardi

Carlos Seminario

Emperor Justinian legacy was not about reviving the Roman Empire but more like preserving the Greco-Roman culture. Emperor Justinian kept some of the old Roman traditions but renewed them to fit the requirements for the new time, for example, laws were revised because they were becoming outdated and new buildings and structures were constructed to enhance trade and cultural diffusion. When Justinian became Emperor, he brought the eastern half of the Roman Empire to its Golden Age one way in which he accomplished this was by constructing new cities and buildings. Probably one of his most important contributions was the Hagia Sophia church in Constantinople. The church is known for its beauty and advancement in architecture. The ceiling of the Hagia Sophia is a spherical shaped dome that is covered completely in gold. The buildings only light source comes from its windows because there is no electricity used to light the building, it is even said only the influence of God could have perfected this work. (Doc. 4) The construction of the Hagia Sophia caused many travelers to stop and admire its beauty, so many merchants stopped by Constantinople, which then promoted trade, and cultural diffusion. The famous Roman Twelve Tables were becoming outdated during the time of Emperor Justinian he found that the old laws were becoming far more numerous than they should be and they created confusion because they disagreed with each other. So he created Justinian’s Code which consolidated the Roman Twelve Tables into 5,000 laws. Emperor Justinian controlled the laws discrepancies with the greatest firmness. (Doc.1). The creation of these laws reduced the amount of confusion in the Empire, people now knew the amount of trouble they will get into for committing a crime which led to a decline in the crime rate. Emperor Justinian showed the qualities that are needed to...
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