Byzantine Golden Age

Topics: Byzantine Empire, Roman Empire, Constantinople Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: October 17, 2006
As the barbarians were conquering Western Roman Empire, the Eastern Roman Empire, otherwise known as the Byzantine Empire, was beginning to undergo another golden age. A golden age is characterized by peace, prosperity, advances in leaning and technology, flourishing arts or literature, and impressive architectural achievements. The Byzantine Empire went into a golden age because they had a good government, a good military and thriving culture. Byzantine government, controlled by Justinian from 527 to 565, controlled an army that brought Byzantine borders to their furthest extent, and made Byzantine a great place to live. Under the rule of Justinian, the Byzantine's government was great, which led to a golden age. The 38 years of his reign was the most amazing period of time for Byzantine Empire. His most important contribution was a code of law. He hired a team of scholars to compile old Roman laws and new Byzantine laws and form it into one code of law. His code of law was organized so as to recapture the lost glory of Roman Empire. It was placed publicly and it was widely translated so that all citizens could read it (O'Connor). His code was first written in Latin and soon it was translated into Greek, and spread to become the main legal system in Europe and Asia Minor. His idea to keep records of court cases to use in coming cases saved many misjudgments; these principles are still used today in modern law. Justinian led the Byzantine Empire into a well-ordered state using his code of law.

The Byzantine Empire's goal was to reestablish the Roman Empire into the entire Mediterranean world. Rome had fallen in 476. The Byzantine army, commanded by the great general Belisarius, had a goal to defeat the barbarians that had defeated Rome. Those armies defeated the Vandals in 533-534, and defeated the Ostrogoths battles that took place from 535 to 544. The goal was completed and Belisarius restored the Roman Empire to the Mediterranean region. The...
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