Byzantine vs Islam

Topics: Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Empire Pages: 2 (745 words) Published: October 23, 2012
There were many differences and similarities between the rise of the Islamic and Byzantine Empires. Both of these empires rise to power was greatly influenced by military force. The Byzantine Empire had both a strong navy and military, while the Islamic Empire had the Rashidun Army. Another key similarity in the rising of the two empires was the influence of trade. Both of the empires helped develop and come to be through traveling merchants along the Silk Road. Even though how the empires cam to rise was very similar, there were many differences, such the different types of governments they used in the rise of the empires. The Byzantine Empire was an absolute monarchy having a secular absolute ruler, while the Islamic Empire was a Caliphate, which was an aristocratic-constitutional Republic. There were many similarities between the rising of the Islamic and Byzantine Empires. Military power and force greatly helped in the rise both of these postclassical empires. The Byzantine Empire had one of the most powerful navies and armies in the world up until the crusades. This helped protect the Byzantine’s territory from invaders and also make sure their capital Constantinople was also safe, which helped in the development of a strong empire. The Islamic Empire had the Rashidun army, which maintained a high level of discipline, strategic prowess, and organization throughout the Islamic Empire. In the rising to power of the Islamic Empire, the Rashidun army was the most prominent and effective military forces in the world. Since both of these Empires had such strong military forces it greatly helped them develop and rise up as major empires in the postclassical world. A strong military foundation would definitely protect them from invaders and keep a high level of discipline, strategic prowess, and organization throughout the empire. Secondly, trade was a major influence in the rising of both these empires. The Islamic empires uprising was greatly effected by trade...
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