Calvin Klein

Topics: Clothing, Trousers, Fashion Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: March 2, 2006
Calvin Klein was born November 19, 1942, in the Bronx, New York. As a teenager, Klein developed a propensity to innovate and design his fashions. Frequently he would spend countless hours sketching women in suits and dresses. Soon after he graduated from the High School of Art and Design, Klein studied apparel design at Manhattan's preeminent Fashion Institute of Technology. Here he met fellow student Jayne Centre who later on became his wife in 1964, two years after Klein completed his course work. In 1968 Calvin Klein set out to open up his own company. With the little money he has he commissioned a local seamstress to make him a few coats and dresses. A merchandise manager from Bonwit Teller, took a liking in Klein's collection at a showroom, and within weeks, the chic department store purchased $50,000 worth of Klein's clothing and dressed plastic models with his clothing in eight of their coveted windows. Shortly after, Klein introduced a new line of designer sportswear. In the early 70s, he introduced his trademark jeans, which he elevated to designer status by cutting them tight and branding his name on the back pocket. These pants were selling like hot cakes; nearly 40,000 pairs a week were being sold. In 1982, Klein conquered the underwear market by simply adding style and his logo to boxers and briefs. Later in the 80s, he entered the fragrance market with the launch of two different fragrances Obsession and Eternity. Throughout the rest of his career, he expanded his designer clothing to swimwear, accessories, hosiery, and eyewear. In the 90s, he started to manufacture a more affordable line of casual apparel which quickly became popular to the public. Today, Calvin Klein Incorporated exceeds $6 billion in annual sales. Throughout his career, just like other fashion designers, he has to criticism for his ubiquitous and controversial ad campaigns. Most famously known is that of Kate Moss, Mark Wahlberg, and Antonio Sabato Jr. But in result of...
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