Care Labels

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Care labelling

Care labels are care instructions on garments. Symbols are written on care labels, attached to clothing to indicate how a particular item should best be cleaned. Textile and apparel labels can help you consider alternative choices and make better buying decisions if you take time to read them. Permanent Care Labels (PCL) use symbols to explain how to care for wearing apparel and home sewing fabrics, so consumers need to learn the basic symbols. Introduction| |

Caring for garments in proper way is so important that some regulations have been enacted requiring garment manufacturers to provide information about how to care for the garment. This information or care symbol must be attached to the garment and must be readable upon purchase. Such symbols are written on care labels, attached to clothing to indicate how a particular item should best be cleaned. A Laundry care symbol is a standardized symbol which indicates best cleaning procedures to be used for that particular combination of fabric, thread, decoration and construction techniques representing a method of washing, beaching, drying, ironing or dry-cleaning process of a garment. Repeated cleaning treatment and correct care process can assure cleaner and fresher clothes, good appearance, longer life and most important, fit and quality of garment. Damage to garments from incorrect cleaning methods can lead to complaints and costly customer return. Qualifications of Good Care Labels| |

At present various care labeling systems are followed worldwide. Whatever the system may be, it should follow principles as below. * The care labels should not be visible from outside and should not be inconvenient to the wearer * The symbols and letters on the labels shall be legible throughout useful life of garment * All the symbols used in the care labeling system should be placed directly on the article or on a label which shall be affixed in a permanent manner to the article. * Care...
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