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1. Make sure you put your clothes on a hanger when you get undressed at night if they are going to be worn again. Put everything else into the hamper to be washed. Never just put your clothes into the floor.

2. Prevent getting food stains on your shirts or blouses.

3. Dab ice water or seltzer onto food stains immediately, so it does not set. Do not rub.

4. Wash your clothes often. Separate colors from whites.

5. Try not to use a dryer at all. Dryers wear out clothes and fade their colors more quickly than drying in sunlight. Drying in sunlight or in the open air is also a much healthier way of drying clothes. Sunlight is a natural disinfectant.

6. Remove the clothes from the dryer and hang them up immediately. Button the top button shirts, and hang blouses neatly on the hanger. Slacks should go on a special pants hanger, the clips the top of the waist. Smooth the fabric with your hand, so as to avoid wrinkles. Iron out any wrinkles that might occur.

7. Fold all other garments neatly and place in the dresser drawers.

8. Hang your clothes in the closet, and make sure they are not all crowded or crushed together. They need breathing room or they will become all wrinkled and slip off the hangers and land on the floor.

9. Wrap tape around your finger with the sticky side out to remove lint from a small are quickly.

For a do-it-yourself lint remover, roll up a magazine and wrap wide adhesive tape around it with the sticky side out.

10. Rub zipper teeth occasionally with wax to keep the zipper working smoothly. The stub of a candle works well for this procedure.

First impressions are important. People judge you by your appearance. What is important, is not the cost of the clothes, but the way they look.

Look at yourself in the mirror, before leaving the house. If you see anything looks wrinkled, give it a once over with the iron.

Take care of your clothes, and they will save your money, by lasting...
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