Career & Technical Education Essay

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James Combs
Dr. McClung
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My philosophy of Career and Technical Education revolves around a few basic principles. First, I believe that formal education is a necessity in the recipe for success. Gone I believe are the times where a student could drop out of high school and still find a rewarding modest paying career. Another belief of mine is that education should prepare people for specific jobs rather than just a broad field education. Having a highly skilled workforce is dependent on people being well-versed in their field. My third belief is that legislation has provided the foundations for Career and Technical Education and will continue to be influential in the future. Lastly, I believe that the explosion of technology over the last 20 years has helped Career and Technical Education grow and will continue to be a driving force going forward.

I strongly believe that people need a formal education to succeed. The education process is essential to the positive growth of our minds and our personalities. Education serves as the exercise that our brains need to become fully functional. Marian Cleeves Diamond writes, the nerve cells have more dendrites in college-educated people than in people with only a high school education. In addition, education helps to form and grow our personalities. The education process helps to give us the information and discipline that we need to shape our values and morals. If the education process was out of the equation then students would have to fend for themselves to learn these things. That can be a scary proposition depending on where they turn to.

Another belief that I have is based on the purpose of Career and Technical Education as being there to prepare people for specific jobs. It is essential for a student to get specific training and education in their field of choice. The general degree requirements serve their purpose in building our minds and personalities, but at some point the focus...
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