Chapter 1

Topics: Attachment theory, John Bowlby, Attachment therapy Pages: 5 (1668 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Chapter 1
The researchers seek to inform their readers about the mental and emotional factors affecting the academic performance of a child in school regarding the working of their parents overseas. Nowadays, as life becomes uneasy to other families here in the Philippines, parents tend to work overseas to offer a convenient living to their children. As a result, it leads to several effects on the emotional and mental aspects of a child. This study is concerned with regards to the upbringing of children by their parents. A child's greatest need is quality time with their parents. Finding time to spend together as a family can be difficult. In many households, parents have to go to work, which limits the time they have to spend with their children. In addition, children are involved in school and other activities. (Collins, 2010) Based on surveys and statistical review, some common negative effects of having OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) parents are dropping out of school, taking prohibited medicine, and getting into early pregnancy. These negative effects sometimes occur when children do not get too much attention from their parent or either guardian who is left behind. Children who don’t have their parents’ guidance can easily be influenced by peers. This is also a reason why “abandoned” children can change their attitudes easily. But besides having negative effects, children having OFW parents also change for good especially those who are in their adolescent age. Their OFW parents serve as their inspiration to do better in their endeavor. (Tan, 2011) It has a direct effect on the actions and behavior of an individual on how he or she is developed mentally and emotionally. By actions, this study focuses entirely on the reflected performance of students of Child Jesus of Prague School with parents that work overseas in school. Background of the Study

The analysis of the academic performance of OFW children studying in Child Jesus of Prague School is aimed at providing guide to the school, faculty, students, and guardians in terms of handling behaviors that affects learning at school. Nowadays, there really is a need to give more attention to the needs of the youth. These needs do not only pertain to material objects but also to the other needs such as for security, love and belongingness, esteem and self-actualization as presented in the hierarchy of needs by Abraham Harold Maslow. Prevailing problems in this country is mainly contributed by youth-related causes –rooted by their upbringing. Emotional and mental problems lead to misbehavior of children that affects their whole life in process. People these times do receive very little from the privilege of formal studying. In order to protect this, the researchers would give ample time to study more on the factors that affect a child’s performance in school without his or her parents around in order to understand their cases. The researchers decided to focus on the relationship of the parents to their children simply because this plays an important role in the development of the well-being of individuals. At the final course of this study, the researchers aspire to give a great realization to the readers about this matter. They want to see through the silent, yet big problem faced by the youth as centered in the high school students of Child Jesus of Prague School. Statement of the Problem

This study aims to know the Factors Affecting the Academic Performance of OFW Children in Child Jesus of Prague School S.Y 2012-2013. Moreover, it seeks to answer the following questions:
1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of:
1.1 Year level
1.2 Nature of parents’ profession abroad
1.3 Years spent of parents abroad
1.4 Grades in four core subjects
2. What are the factors affecting the academic performance of OFW children in Child Jesus of Prague School? 3. Is there any significant relationship between the Factors...
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