Chapter 12 Holt Ancient World History

Topics: Byzantine Empire, Kievan Rus', Roman Empire Pages: 3 (829 words) Published: December 9, 2010
Chapter 12
1. A) Justinian I was an emperor of the Byzantine Empire. He reformed the roman laws by rearranging them and putting them in order. The revised law code called Justinian’s Code. B) Theodora influenced the nika revolt because she stood strong and convinced her king to do the same. C) Justinian could have made his achievements by being more conscious of how much land his government could support when he was taking over the land to the west. 2. A) A mosaic is a piece of art comprised of small pieces of colored tile or glass. Mosaics were one of the most common types of Byzantine art. B) I believe that the iconoclasts responded the way they did to the human images because it seemed to them like the images were to close to the non-Christian worship of an idols. C) The split between the Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Church occurred because of their many differences the most important of which was who in the church had the most power. 3. A) Under the Macedonian dynasty the Byzantine Empire enjoyed a 200 year golden age. B) The split between the aristocracies of city and countryside was a problem because it caused them to fight within their empire which weekend them to outside attack. C) The statement, “The Byzantines themselves, not the Turks, bear the greatest responsibility for the end of their empire,” is completely true.

Section 2

1. A) The Slavs asked for help from the Rus to bring “Order” to their way of living and act as a kind of king. B) The accomplishments of Yaroslav the Wise are: fact that he became ruler of Kiev Rus, He hired scribes to translate religious books from Greek to Slavic, and under his rule the Russian law was codified, and he helped regain territory that had been lost. C) The physical geography may have affect the relationship between the Byzantine Empire and the Kievan Rus because since the where so close there seems as if there might be some territorial issues. 2. A) Cyril And Methodius converted...
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