Chapter 9

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Chapter 9
1. How did the Byzantine Empire maintain Roman imperial traditions in the East? It centers itself around the capital, Constantinople. The Byzantines continued to employ a traditional Roman style of government and law. Byzantine Emperor, Justinian attempted to restore the Roman Empire to its prior status by trying to recover the western portions of the Empire.

2. What led to the split between the Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Churches? Cultural differences led to the split between the two churches. The Byzantines were more Greek-like and the Romans were good in Latin. The west accepted the pope as their leader, priest were suppose to be celibacy and eat unleavened bread. Other the outside, the east focused on outreach, priests can get married and yeast were in communion bread. Besides the differences in culture, the teachings were diverge on doctrinal points.

3. How did Christianity influence society in the Byzantine Empire and Eastern Europe? Christianity influences the Byzantine Empire due to their religion, culture and as for Eastern Europe, they revised a written script for the language; possibility of literature developed. a. What led to the spread of Christianity in Europe?

Trade routes and missionaries helped spread Christianity beyond the Byzantine Empire in Europe.

4. What are the legacies of the Byzantine Empire? (how did they contribute to the development of Europe?) Innovations such as defense wall and architecture is one of the Byzantine legacy. Their religions: Orthodox Christians and Roman Catholic were deprived during the Byzantine time, which continue to spread until the present day. The culture, they kept Greek’s literature from dying out and made copies of them. Since the city of Constantinople developed as one of the largest city in Europe, so therefore, some of the Byzantine’s legacies has contributed to the development of Europe.

5. What influenced the rise of the Russian state in Kiev?
Byzantine influence...
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