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Chapter 14 Analysis
Avery Wade

Dante Alighieir was the creator of a long poem called the Divine Comedy, which influenced many writers that came after him. Dante's poem foreshadows literary ideas and writings that show up later in the Italian Renaissance. Italian writers after Dante continued the use of Greco-Roman classical themes and mythology in their works. Not only did Dante carry out a new way of writing, but so did an English poet named Geoffrey Chaucer by writing humorous and earthy short stories. Dante also influenced the literary movement of the humanists, by inspiring and encouraging them with his stories to spread the use of Greco-Roman ideas.

In the tenth century, towns in the Latin West were very small and not urbanized, but as the later Middle Ages occured they grew dramatically, becoming almost as large as the Byzantine Empire. This change occured because of Latin West's ties with the outside world. Manufacturing and long distance trade by sea were the major reasons for urbanization among the Latin West. Not only that but the expansion of the Mongol Empire to the west opened trade routes from the Mediterranean to China. The change happened natually after the fall of the Roman Empire and ended up with having some of the largets cities in the region.

The Black Death was a disease that effected more than half of western Europeans. Out of that bunch, a whole third of them died. This disease causes boils to occur and black blotches on their skin, and death usually came within a few days. The importance of this is dramatic because without this event there would be more people on the earth than there are today. The Black Death also triggered social changes because survivors of the disease raised higher pay for their services, which in turn raised peasants against the nobles and the churchmen.
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