Topics: Roman Empire, Christianity, Constantine I Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: February 8, 2014
In 312 A.D Constantine was given a vision that the God of the christians were on his side. From this dream Constantine decided to create a cross and place on the armor of him and his men when they went to war. It was through the victory at the Milivian Bridge that that sparked the conversion of Constantine and christianity followed not long there after for him. “Then with the emperor of the east, Licinius, Constantine issues the Edict of Milan which declares toleration for Christianity throughout the empire and underlines this with massive commitments to the Christian communities. Within twelve years, and now sole emperor, Constantine is presiding at the first empire-wide council of bishops, which produces the earliest version of the Nicene creed and soon to be the badge of Christian orthodoxy.” (Freeman,2001)

 Freeman, Charles. "The Emperor's State of Grace." History Today 51 (2001), (accessed July 7, 2013).

“IT USED TO BE UNQUESTIONED that the Roman empire in the West fell to violent and bloody invasion that resulted in the death of a civilization, and the start of a 'dark age', from which it would take Europe centuries to recover.”(Ward,2005)  How can a whole city collaspe and no one knows how or can find a legitimate answer as to what what happen. This really boggles the minds of historians and archeologist, who are use to making discoveries and nothing really was adding up. “The seeds of this change had been planted in 1971, when Peter Brown published his World of Late Antiquity, a book which was to have a remarkable effect on how the end of the ancient world was viewed by historians. Brown defined and described a period, which he termed 'Late Antiquity', stretching from the third century to the eighth century AD; but he saw it as characterized not by the disappearance of Roman sophistication and...
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